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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Gift of Drawing

A skill that I've always wanted and am still trying to gain is drawing. I love to draw (in private) but I haven't always been good at it. Sure, I can look at something and resize it or redraw it myself. In other words I can look at a sketch online and draw it into my notebook, rather good I might add. And sure I can buy books that teach you how to draw and then learn to draw them myself. But we're missing something here.

Unlike all the talented artists out there, I can't just sit bored in class and come up with an idea in my head to draw because I don't know how to sketch it or even where to start. Or when I'm laying in a hammock swinging gently in the breeze with a sketch pad on my chest, I can't emerge myself in drawing an eye in which I learned from one of my teaching books because I need the guide to help me draw it.

It makes me go ARGH!

To me, drawing is an amazing talent and I will honestly say I am jealous of all those lucky, imaginative artists out there. I want to be able to paint what I see in my dreams, draw what beauty I see, and sketch those funny moments I've had.

Have any of you realized how some paintings and pictures seem to just reel you in? The cold but sad eyes of a broody man pulling the curious you in with them, and beautifully watercolored gardens that magically give you a feeling of warmth.

Drawings, paintings, and sketches give you the gifts of realization, hope, and bizarre feelings that sometimes you haven't ever felt.

I want the skill to be able to show others my own dreams, feelings, and insight to what I see.

Monday, May 17, 2010

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

One of the most amazing books I've ever read! It was more than just a satisfying read and it brought me to a New York I've ever known. The book has almost everything you want to hear, from vampires to demons and all the way to a new race known as the shadowhunters. It was an extroidinary read as it kept my heart racing at almost every second. I reccomend it to anybody out there looking for a current book to read. You won't be disappointed.

Reviews by others:

"This book is nothing less than brilliant! Lovable characters and an exciting plot. The first book just leaves you craving for the next" -Anonymous

"This is one of my favourite books! It's exciting and always keeps you guessing with new suprises at every turn. From the moment I picked up this book, I was addicted! Cassandra Clare keeps you hanging with every page!" -Anonymous

Beastly by Alex Flinn

I could not put the book down! Seriously. I lost a night's worth of sleep just trying to finish the too-good-of a story. If you're a fan of fairy tales, then this modernized version will really get you reading! Let me tell you, if you read it, you will not be able to put the thing down. Alex Flinn added her own twist to the original story, Beauty and the Beast, turning it into a sensational read! It's a book you will most likely read more than once!

Reviews from others:

"Beastly is an excellently woven tapestry of fantasy, romance, and current teen issues. Flinn deftly takes a vibrant, modern day setting and blends it flawlessly with variations of the original Beauty and the Beast story. What's created in the process is a completely unique world filled with characters you will both love and hate - but for all the right reasons. As the story progressed, I was turning pages almost faster than I could read them, and upon reaching the end I was left with a sense of both loss and hope - loss that the Beast's story was finished and hope that Flinn might offer more fairy tales in the future." — Miranda (Arlington, TX)

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel By Cassandra Clare

You may have heard of the series, The Mortal Instruments. Or perhaps you've read the books, City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass. Either way, you know that the series is written by the rising author of fame, Cassandra Clare. Therefore, have you yet heard the news of her carrying out a new book? Yes, you heard me right. Your favorite or soon to be favorite author has written another book called in a new fantasy trilogy, Clockwork Angel.
Clockwork Angel is another book that takes place in Clary's and Jace's world, as in shadow hunters and angels, only this story is going back in time to the Victorian era in England. The book is about a girl named Tessa Gray, an orphan who is on a search to find her missing brother, only she instead finds herself falling into a world that involves more magic than she ever thought could possibly exist. On her journey, she happens to meet two new friends, Jem and Will, along with many other new faces.
Sound interesting?
So what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy August the 31st of this year!

Disaster or Absolutely Brilliant?

You all may have heard the rumors by now. If not, well, I'm here to tell you the news. So you may have read the book Beastly and if not, well it doesn't matter. What does matter is the fact that the twisted modern fairy tale is becoming a movie with many changes from the original script. For example, Kyle isn't a beast, as in hairy, instead he's a scarred, tattooed, and bald guy. What a disappointment. They should have at least kept the beast the beast!

Everyone loves Kyle Kingsbury, as he is the kind of guy every girl daydreams about while in class. He's kind, good-looking, intelligent, sensitive, and romantic, so who and how exactly were they able to find a guy that was able to, or at least act the part? This is where the ever rising star of fame Alex Pettyfer comes in. Yes, the Alex Rider star is playing the part of Kyle Kingsbury. I mean, how could he not get the part? He's talented, good-looking and sorry but exactly how did he get the part? I know all you girls out there are probably asking yourselves, "How can this girl disagree with Alex Pettyfer, one of the most gorgeous guys out there, playing the part of Kyle Kingsbury?" Well, the reason is, I don't think he has all that great of a personality. Have any of you seen his interviews? I'll change my mind about Alex playing Kyle if I ever meet him in person and he proves that he does not indeed have a spoiled personality.

Moving on to the sensitive, shy Ms. Linda Owens[Beauty]. She described as not beautiful(but to Kyle it's another story), with strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and supposedly crooked teeth. Guess who she's played by and I must say I am rather more than just a little disappointed in who they chose for the part. Vanessa Hudgens. I'm not kidding. Vanessa Hudgens, the black haired, brown eyed, High School Musical actress, is playing a fair skinned red head. I never particularly cared for High School Musical, let alone Vanessa Hudgens, so why is she playing Linda? It ruins everything! I'm hoping that most of you out there agree with me in saying, "Vanessa Hudgens is not fit to play Linda". Am I right?

A list of the other actors and actresses playing the part of some other characters:
The Witch/Kendra Hilferty:
Mary-Kate Olsen
Rob Kingsbury:
Peter Krause
Dakota Johnson
Eric Knudsen
Will Fratalli:
Neil Patrick Harris
Daniel Owens:
Roc LaFortune

So will this be turn out to be an amazing movie or will it just be a big disappointment for all Beastly lovers out there?

Comes to theatres July 30, 2010.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Power of Books

Books have always had a powerful effect towards humanity for as long as they have existed in our world. They encourage, strengthen, and inspire us and they take away our pain, take us to other worlds, get us out of reality, and they seep us knowledge without our knowing. Believe it or not, books are an important part of our society. Without them, who knows how our world may be? Perhaps we'll be less knowledgeable, or maybe our world will be lead downhill towards depression with no source of imagination available. Who knows?

The most common reasons we look to books are to seek for comfort, enjoyment, and knowledge. Comfort for those who are having troubles with their lives. Knowledge for those who want to fill their minds with new things. Finally, enjoyment for those who just like to read for fun.

Books are always there. Really thinking about it, they're one of the only things that are loyal to us. Even though they don't have a mind of their own, they are the ones that are always their to help us and show us around. Have you ever heard the phrase "Man's best friend"? Usually the non too famous phrase is referring to dogs. Well, refer the well known phrase to the word books instead of dogs and you've got the main idea. Because really, books are man's best friend.

As I already said, books are powerful. They can take you to places far off in a whole other world. They can affect your mood, making you sad, happy, lost, or sometimes even angry. They can affect your life. For example, reading the book Ishmael has brought me new outlooks on life, making me in ways more stubborn and giving me an urge to save the world one day. Books give people a chance to be able to create and make something of themselves. And guess what? They can do so much more than just what I named. The power of books can go on and on.

So are you getting the idea of what I'm saying?

Like it or not, books are a part of humanity.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break Comes With Heads and Chocolate

I haven't written a post in a while. It at least feels this way. But you see, there was no reason for me not to write a post because so much has happened in just a little over a week. So much in fact, that I don't know where to begin telling you about it all and I still can't understand why I didn't sit my butt down at my computer a update my blog. I guess so much has happened that it just didn't cross my mind, but enough about that. I think it's time I get started on what has exactly been going on.
It all started on a Friday, March 26 to be exact, when Waldo (a guy who I have the likes for and happened to give him the nickname of Waldo) found out that I'm the mystery girl that likes him. Some of you I know don't find this interesting and want me to go onto another topic so I won't go into details on this, not to mention it's too long of a story for me to tell (on computer anyways). So, all I will say about the topic is that I'm am hugely embarrassed and he hasn't said anything other to me than "I will have to think about all this." It was a really good thing that starting the week after this incident, spring break started. In fact, spring break is still happening. The only downside is that it's almost over and school starts up again on April 6. Also meaning that I will have to go to school in a shadow of embarrassement and try to avoid Waldo at all costs. Fun.
The cool part about spring break at least was that I got to travel to a country besides Colombia called Ecuador. Going to Ecuador was quite an experience and I got to try new foods, see new things, and balance an egg on a nail. Yeah, you heard me right. While in Ecuador I got to visit the equatorial line and stand right on top of it and try out all these neat experiments. One of them which involved balancing an egg, on a nail, on the equator. I got an awesome certificate explaining how I passed the egg test. I also learned the process on how to shrink a head. I found it very, rather, fascinating I suppose? Although I was honestly a bit disgusted.
So once I had gotten off a scary plane ride back to Bogota, everything sort of became all weird and strange, and annoying. Whatever happened to the word "normal" in my life? One sort of weird thing happened on Saturday. I started looking up videos on youtube on how to hack into facebook and I decided to hack onto Waldo's account for the fun of it. So what happens is- Yeah, you know what? I don't think I really feel like getting right into this topic right now, along with a few other strange topics, maybe never, so let's move on, shall we?
So as you all know, today was Easter. I used to love Easter as a kid. You know, with all the chocolate, and jelly beans, and more chocolate. Yeah, it was awesome. But when I devinstatingly found out the Easter Bunny wasn't real when I was about nine I think, well, it took the magic out of the holiday. Easter no longer mattered. I burned my books about the Easter Bunny, I threw eggs at people's houses, and I dyed all my sister's clothes an ugly green with the Easter egg dyes. Such depressing times- But that's not the point! The point is the magic is lost, forever! Just like when I found out Santa Claus wasn't real. I no longer have dreams about Santa Claus' pants catching on fire from coming down the chimney. *Sigh* So, I hope you catch my point here.