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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Gift of Drawing

A skill that I've always wanted and am still trying to gain is drawing. I love to draw (in private) but I haven't always been good at it. Sure, I can look at something and resize it or redraw it myself. In other words I can look at a sketch online and draw it into my notebook, rather good I might add. And sure I can buy books that teach you how to draw and then learn to draw them myself. But we're missing something here.

Unlike all the talented artists out there, I can't just sit bored in class and come up with an idea in my head to draw because I don't know how to sketch it or even where to start. Or when I'm laying in a hammock swinging gently in the breeze with a sketch pad on my chest, I can't emerge myself in drawing an eye in which I learned from one of my teaching books because I need the guide to help me draw it.

It makes me go ARGH!

To me, drawing is an amazing talent and I will honestly say I am jealous of all those lucky, imaginative artists out there. I want to be able to paint what I see in my dreams, draw what beauty I see, and sketch those funny moments I've had.

Have any of you realized how some paintings and pictures seem to just reel you in? The cold but sad eyes of a broody man pulling the curious you in with them, and beautifully watercolored gardens that magically give you a feeling of warmth.

Drawings, paintings, and sketches give you the gifts of realization, hope, and bizarre feelings that sometimes you haven't ever felt.

I want the skill to be able to show others my own dreams, feelings, and insight to what I see.